Project Description

“ΓΙΑ ΠΑΝΤΑ” – “GIA PANTA” / “FOR EVER” Fundraising of a short movie for participation in National and International Film Festivals This story speaks to the heart and soul of every one of us that has lived and worked at sea, and to anyone who has members of their family at sea. It is the sum of the emotions that we, or our closest people, have felt in our lives in one way or another. We thank Nikos Mandarakas for his idea, his vision, his research, and his passion in order to compose this project. For this reason, we provided him with our support and the means in order to materialize his story into a movie and to share it with the rest of the world. One of the main goals of “PROTEUS SOCIAL INNOVATION & DEVELOPMENT” is the promotion of the seafaring life, of the seafaring profession, and the improvement of the social image of the seafarers. The life of the seafarer cannot be easily explained in a way that it can be comprehended from people that haven’t lived even for a little while as we have. Our lives, as seafarers, are often being misunderstood because they are different from those of people who live on shore. Projects and ideas such as this movie help us tell the world things that we cannot. With the activation of our network, we managed to accumulate a significant amount for the funding of the film “GIA PANTA” / “FOREVER”. The film has already received very positive remarks in every festival that it has been projected. For the particular project the funding came from seafarers, from the base, from the people that the narrated story is part of their lives and we thank them for their support. Our sponsors for this project are the following (in alphabetical order):

  1. Antonios Halas, Captain
  2. George Ipiotis, Captain
  3. George Katsaros, Chief Officer
  4. Nikolaos Kontos, 2nd Officer
  5. Neofytos Kourtesis, Chief Officer
  6. Konstantinos Kreatsoulas, 2nd Officer
  7. Antonios Mavrakis, 3rd Engineer
  8. Konstantinos Milas, Captain
  9. Valentinos Pertesis, 2nd Officer
  10. The members of “Proteus Social Innovation & Development”
  11. The company “S.W.O.T.”

For Ever – Official HD trailer from Nikos Mandarakas on Vimeo.

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