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The program “EIDOTHEA 2015” is the continuation of the development of an experiential professional orientation model towards the seafaring profession, and also a means to expand the horizons and experiences of young people. It has been structured as per the Corporate Social Responsibility standards for the shipping industry and the scholars’ selection process is similar to the selection process of a seafarer prior to being employed. It is addressed to young boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 17 years old and does not necessarily concern persons that want to follow a career at sea, but primarily persons that with their ethos and character, will show that such an experience would be a gift that will help them in their future, in their contribution to the society, in the ambassadorship of the program for its continuation and enhancement, and also to the positive impact that it will have to their social surrounding.

In cooperation with the Norwegian Foundation that manages the Training Tallship “SORLANDET” and with that ship as a platform, we created a familiarization experience with the seafaring profession, in an accessible environment for young people that combines travelling, adventure, new acquaintances, new places, responsibility, training, safety, teamwork, respect, cooperation and many challenges in a personal and a collective level.

This year’s voyage lasted 23 days, from Kristiansand, Norway to Belfast, Northern Ireland, with an intermediary stop at Stavanger, Norway, and back to Aalesund, Norway. The participants took also part at the 1st leg of this year’s international tallship race of 620 nautical miles, that the ship came in the 2nd place of her category, obtaining also the award for the most multinational crew with 10 different nationalities.

The voyage was a challenge for all the participants, physical and mental limits were tested. Winds of 10-9 Beaufort scale with a tallship of 67 meters in length, limited sleep, watches and the lack of even the slightest private space are indisputable difficulties. With all that the scholar-trainees managed to click as a team, between themselves, but also with the rest of the crew. It was a full experience that the sense of completion was so rich that all the difficulties remained as sweet memories and its wake will enrich their lives for many years.

The testimonials of the scholars of “EIDOTHEA 2015”, as they were trusted to us in the presentation of this year’s voyage on the 25th of July 2015, at the new Open Air Theater of Andros, speak by themselves…

1. Achilleas Maltampes (16 years old), Vourkoti, Andros

“From this voyage I learned countless things that are difficult to be described. So, I want to keep this voyage in my memory as something unique that will have a significant impact in my life.”

2. Lea Stahlmann (16 years old), Fellos, Andros

“The ship had become my second home and the people on board helped me a lot. I hope to see them all again. The voyage made me feel more confident about myself and that with a little more effort you can achieve anything you want.”  

3. Dimitrios Nitsolas (16 years old), Piso Meria – Korthi, Andros

“Leaving my home I was very excited for the voyage, but also a little reluctant on what I was going to encounter. This changed when I stepped my foot on board. Amazing people welcomed us with which we spent 23 wonderful days together. Anything we did we did it as a team and if I was asked to keep something from this voyage, this is what I would choose.”

4. Panagiotis Tsortanidis (16 years old), Alamania – Korthi, Andros

“When we started I couldn’t have imagined how beautiful the ship and the places we saw daily would be. I wouldn’t be able to understand how tough and demanding is the life of the seafarer at sea, and also how difficult it is to live away from your family and your place. Personally, this voyage was a challenge for me and helped me understand that I need to rely of my own powers, but at the same time to have good communication and cooperation with the people around me.”

5. Petros Ganosis (17 years old), Agia Paraskevi, Athens

“In this voyage I learned a lot and not only about the life at sea and the tallship or the seafaring life, but about myself. It was a challenge and I certainly passed it as a victor, since I made very good friends, I saw very beautiful landscapes and learned values, such as that of teamwork, of cooperation and of discipline, and I excelled a little over my boundaries learning what human will can achieve.”

6. Maria Piagkou (16 years old), Chora, Andros

“This voyage for me was a means to better learn myself, see my limits, my potential and feel stronger and independent, while at the same time it gave me the opportunity to dream and to make different plans for the future.”

The sponsors of “EIDOTHEA 2015” (Alphabetically):

  • Alkiviadis Goulandris Family, in his memory
  • Andriaki Shipping Co. Ltd.
  • Aria Travel and Tourism
  • Aspida Travel
  • Bright Navigation Inc.
  • Chian Spirit Maritme Enterprises Inc.
  • Doric Shipbrokers S.A.
  • E.E.N.M.A. (Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association)
  • Epidaurus Shipmanagement S.A.
  • Fast Ferries
  • Gener8 Maritime Inc.
  • Golden Star Ferries
  • Kairis Brothers Shipping Ltd.
  • Libra Shipping
  • Narval Shipping Corp.
  • Pan-Andriotic Seafarers Association
  • Polembros Shipping Limited
  • Queensway Navigation Co. Ltd.
  • Safe Ship Investment Fund
  • Thenamaris (Ships Management) Inc.
  • Trimarine S.A.

And others who wish to remain anonymous

The supporters of “EIDOTHEA 2015” (Alphabetically):

  • Andriaki Newspaper
  • Asteras 92 Radio (Andros)
  • Click
  • Kairios Library
  • Kapos Law Firm and Associates
  • K.C. Lyrintzis Group / QMS-mtc
  • Kouros S.A.
  • Stylianou Realtors
  • (N.O.A.) Andros Yacht Club
  • P&A Accounting & Tax Consultants
  • Retype Printing

And others who wish to remain anonymous