Operator of our Actions

As an operator of our actions we chose the legal form of the “Collective and Productive Social Cooperative Enterprise” in accordance with the provisions of Law 4019/2011 of the Hellenic Republic and we gave him the distinctive title “PROTEUS SOCIAL INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT”.  The company is private law legal entity, with limited liability of its members, and has commercial capacity.

For the headquarters of “PROTEUS SOCIAL INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT”, we chose the island of Andros, which is the primary site of action, experimentation and implementation of our activities, with capability to establish and to maintain branches or offices in other parts of Greece or abroad.

The purpose of “PROTEUS SOCIAL INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT” is the pursuit of the collective benefit and to serve general social interests and particularly, the production of goods and provision of services that fulfill the collective needs that serve the local and collective interests, propel employment, strengthen social cohesion, and local or regional development.


  1. Educational activities
  2. Representation of educational institutions
  3. Cultural and sporting activities
  4. Actions and programs that propel employment, preservation of traditional activities and professions
  5. Counseling services
  6. Undertaking and management of programs and actions of alternative approach for sustainable development and innovation.

The basic operating principles of “PROTEUS SOCIAL INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT” are:

  1. To promote social benefits through the production of goods or the provision of services of collective and social interest
  2. To prefix the person and the work over the capital
  3. To utilize the profits for the development of employment and business expansion
  4. To promote sustainable development