“EIDOTHEA 2016” For third consecutive year “PROTEUS SOCIAL INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT” continues her work and enlists, in her fleet of affiliated tall ships, one more Norwegian Training Tall Ship, the “CHRISTIAN RADICH”. Together they organized, the Sailtraining Scholarship Program “EIDOTHEA 2016”. This year’s program offered the opportunity to seven (7) high school students to participate [...]


    EIDOTHEA 2015 The program “EIDOTHEA 2015” is the continuation of the development of an experiential professional orientation model towards the seafaring profession, and also a means to expand the horizons and experiences of young people. It has been structured as per the Corporate Social Responsibility standards for the shipping industry and the scholars’ [...]


“ΓΙΑ ΠΑΝΤΑ” – “GIA PANTA” / “FOR EVER” Fundraising of a short movie for participation in National and International Film Festivals This story speaks to the heart and soul of every one of us that has lived and worked at sea, and to anyone who has members of their family at sea. It is the [...]


Pilot Program Sail Training Scholarships “EIDOTHEA 2014"   Introduction The pilot sail training scholarship program “Eidothea 2014”, is part and continuation of a procedure to create an integrated model of experiential professional orientation for the seafaring profession which commenced in 2009 with initial focus on the young people of Andros Island and aim its establishment on [...]