About Us

Ideas are usually born in the recognition of a shortcoming. This recognition allows the development of imagination, which is the food of the dream that leads to innovation, meaning the creation of a new point of view, a new product, or a new service to meet this shortcoming. And somehow, in that way, the roots for the creation of “PROTEUS SOCIAL INNOVATION & DEVELOPMENT” were laid.

The dream though does not bring the solution. The solution is brought by action; the dream is the caterer of hope, and the stimulator of action in the long march to the desired result, the arrival to Ithaca. This journey is described allegorically in one of the major universal epics, the Odyssey, from which we were inspired and chose the name of PROTEUS as the name of our company which is the operator of our actions and an agent of change.

After years of travel, contact with many countries, cultures, and people, studies in various countries of the world, work in different sectors of the economy, in different levels and areas, and with a lot of observation, we developed the ability to recognize gaps and omissions.

Throughout this course there were many people who helped us, they gave us experiences and opportunities, they taught us different ways to resolve and address issues, and that is how we developed our own mechanisms for survival, adaptation, and pursuit of success and happiness. Many of these people are still in our lives, others are not. Some stayed with us for a long period, others less, and others were passing through, but everyone had an impact in our life and our evolution.

According to the principal of reciprocity, we believe that the best and most creative way to thank all these people for the knowledge, the experience and the education that they gave us is for us to help other people that will come in our path and to communicate, with our service, values and knowledge to younger with aim to change mentality and modes of action, the development of solidarity, offering, and volunteerism, and the improvement of social structures and social cohesion.

Based on that operator we are organizing flexible teams with broader social insertion, we gather resources, material, financial and human, depending on the needs of individual programs and we are experimenting with modern and innovative management and leadership tools at the service of the society, for social profitability.